Founded by Abel Ortiz, a 12-year veteran in the food & beverage business native to Peru, Chullschick is a “Made in Peru” rotisserie concept that’s the first of its kind in Hong Kong. 

 Combining the best Peruvian and French produce with cooking techniques and experience passed down from generation to generation, it is the only restaurant that has received recognition from Promperú in Hong Kong, and Ortiz aims to bring the most authentic Peruvian casual dining experience possible with his latest venture.

 For those in the know, even a mention of the word “Pollo a la Brasa” will get mouths salivating. If the word sounds unfamiliar right now, the arrival of Chullschick will undoubtedly change that make it part of your vocabulary within the next month or two, as they introduce the best of Peruvian rotisserie chicken and comfort food to Hong Kong at affordable prices


Peruvians relationship with the rotisserie chicken goes back over six decades ago, when Roger Schuler, a businessman of Swiss origin, started his chicken farm in Lima. The idea came about because the supply of live chickens outweighed the demand, and Schuler could not sell his birds fast enough.

To avoid suffering a loss, he created a recipe together with his cook to roast the Salamuera marinated chickens over a slow fire on Algarrobo coals. What began as a solution to save a failing business soon became a citywide sensation, as the delicious food and affordable prices infatuated customers. With his newfound success, the Granja Azul was born, and chicken rotisseries become a national phenomenon that will revolutionize the gastronomic industry of not only Lima but Peru itself, so much so that the 21st of July every year is known as the official day of Pollo a la Brasa.


Using a French chicken and marinating it for two days with dark beer and various spices, Chullschick pay homage to the original Peruvian rotisserie chicken with modern sensibilities. Aside from taking inspiration from the classic Granja Azul recipe, Chullschick also stick to the Peruvian roots regarding the equipment they use, making each delicious bird with a one-of-a-kind rotisserie that ensures the juiciest flesh and crispiest skin, and then keeping them in a special warm box to maintain the optimal freshness.

As satisfying rotisserie chickens are, a meal is not complete without a few other dishes to complement the tremendous Pollo a la Brasa. At Chullschick, enjoy your chicken with a plethora of decadent entrees and sides, straight from the streets of Lima. With signatures like Peruvian Ceviche with Sea Bass and Tiger’s Milk, Rocoto Chili Chicken Wings with Honey and Crispy Garlic, and Salchipapa, a popular sausage dish; along with 14 sauces and the ChullsBread, all of which are homemade to perfection.

Chullschicks’ doors are now officially opened daily from 11AM to 9PM for dining-in and takeaway. For more information, please call +852 26683948.









Shop D, G/F, Garley Building, No. 51 Graham Street, Central, Hong Kong

Monday-Thursday 12 – 10:30 PM
Friday-Saturday 12 PM – 12 AM
Sunday 12 – 9 PM

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+852 26683948.

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